Cannabis and Ganja Coloroado Cultural tour

The Exotic Excursions Cannabis and Ganja Coloroado Cultural tour was created from a budding marijuana industry located in the heart of 420 central Denver Colorado. The owner and founders set out to provide a service of doing the footwork for cannabis enthusiast that want to come from around the world and experience the best weed and weed smoking tour without the trial and error of doing it oneself. With 420 friendly transportation and limo vans available for each excursion based on the group size anyone can ride in style as they are ushered to the forefront of the Cannabis industry. There are all different varieties of dispensaries with all levels of service and methods to dispense cannabis. Some fit have more quality , better prices , easier access than others and all of this is taken into account when planning a route for you exotic tour with EEI. The 420 tours provided by Exotic Excursions are designed around convenience, ease , selection and comfort of our valued customer and hopefully it reflects in you experience while on you Colorado pot tour and Colorado Weed tour with us. We hope to see and serve you soon in the #1 marijuana tour in Colorado. So as we embark on this journey through uncharted territories we will sit back and enjoy the ride as it says on Exotic Excrursion international’s website. Our Cannabis grow and dispensary tours are customer focused and have rave reviews and loyal fans. Please check out our loyalty program as well , with each tour you do with us you receive 100pts and after 700 pts you can get one of our introductory tours on your next visit for free. What’s exciting about the 420 industry and movement is the variety of strains and combinations of weed available now that the industry has become main stream. At least here in Colorado. Cannabis sightseeing tours are sprouting up around the State and other legalized states in the country. Ganja , weed, 420 , shatter, wax , bud, green bud, schwag, smoke pot, pot tours, weed tours colorad, Colorado cannabiss cultural tours. Smoking busses , 420 friendly accommodations, and the like are all becoming sought after for cannabis enthusiast worldwide. We plan to take full advantage of this industry and make a point to give back to our communities. There are hundreds of marijuana dispensaries to choose from throughout the state of Colorado. The weed available varies from location to location. So to make the most of your smoking experience while you are here in this beautiful area, choose a pot smoking tour that can steer you to the Best direction for quality, price, convenience etc. This ganja tour caught us by surprise when the idea first came to me to possible help people sightsee and experience this industry on a guided 420 cannabis tour. At first the trial and error of driving through Denver trying to find dispensaries proved to be futile and time consuming. For a tourist to come here and try and do that may take days of their vacation and may still end in a frustrating overpriced dispensary with poor varieties of products to use. This is truly where I believe the need for this service is overwhelming for visitor satisfaction. The industry is not set up for a simple and accessible mapped out direction to find the best and finest green bud or cannabis that is available but more for a local consumer based in the district they live in and having something just down the street they are able to walk to or access easily. So to fly in here and get curried around in total style in a 420 smoking limo van with dolby sound system playing you favorite music, laser lights, leather seating side facing tinted windows and climate control with TV monitors , intercom and a professional shouffer at a reasonable cost is in demand and a tremendous service. So we here at the exotic tour are grateful to fill that demand doing something we love and have a lot of enthusiasm for and are always able to strive to be our best and improve products, routes and services to deliver a continued fun and evolving customer satisfying experience. Please rate your experience with yelp or one of the major consumer rating sites. And feel free to tell us how we did and can improve as that is exactly how we can improve for the next guest on one of our Exotic Excursons Intl. Colorado cultural cannabis tours. Thank you EEI staff

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