Cannabis for Creation

There has been many works put out about thoughts becoming reality that the things we think about with emotion behind them, actually take on energy of their own and begin to become a reality in the physical world. The Secret and the movie based on the book Down the Rabbit Hole give an overview of how this may occur.

First we choose what we want the final outcome to be and we get a picture of that firmly in our minds. Then we go about our daily life acting as if that reality already exists, whether its being the business owner, being in the relationship, have the connections, achieving the level of health you desire, Next you begin to tell yourself that that is the way things are for you. And the final step is to take actions that create that reality in your life. The last and final step is crucial. While it is vitally important to visualize and act as if it’s true,for it to become real you have to assist your life by grooming yourself , gaining the skills, facing your fears, taking action, brainstorming , modeling others who are successful and leaving no stone unturnedin your own personal efforts to make the vision a reality. Then the catalyst of positive messages and visualizations can have an opportunity to help you.

During the visualizing, and belief creating phase is where we believe that marijuana can come into play. After some effort one can begin and pot and 420 or a ganja can assist in taking hold of one’s thoughts and begin to have a look and examine any negatives that one may be saying to themselves and choose to eliminate those thoughts. You may find that you are reacting noticing you have put on a few extra pounds and that you find yourself repeating “why am I so fat?” Why is it so hard for me to lose weight” or you may have been passed up for a promotion at work and unknowingly find yourself thinking “what’s the matter with me” “I’ll never succeed” Well when you grasp the fundamentals of the law of attraction here you will tighten the reins on your thinking and begin to only allow thoughts and reactions that paint the picture of how you want the particular situation to turn out. So in the case of the weight gain you may say. “I look thin and healthy” or “I’m surprised how I eat whatever I want and don’t seem to gain an ounce” This is not easy work as we have many thoughts and reactions and past thoughts dangling in our minds throughout each day.

We here believe that cannabis can be a helpful activator to influence the subconscious mind toward self-actualization. This herb and its effects on the mind can lower the activity of the brain waves and assist in achieving a more REM like brainwave speed during waking hours. This slower activity in the brainwaves can aide in allowing inputting of positive messages that in everyday waking life would not have a chance at reaching the subconscious. It is believed that a message repeated often enough becomes a belief. In a very relaxed state these new positive beliefs can take on a life of their own in a much faster pace. This is believed to be able to help one in work, personal life, physical health, relationships and a feeling of connection with the creator. In my opinionCannabis and marijuana seem to be a catapult to the laws of attraction presented in various famous books and works recently released in to the mainstream as best sellers on the topic. Pot and Ganja when procured to the highest levels and grown in a highest quality standard and fashion are in the category to help with this. Here in Denver the 420 friendly capital of the world this is very possible being that a marijuana grower can obtain a license and under strict quidlines cultivate the highest quality product because it is promoted in the main stream of society as a legal choice for adult consumers.

This allows for the different creative strains and forms of Cannabis to be tested and used for these purposes. There are an unlimited number of different strains of Pot everything from indicas , sativas and hybrids and all types from all continents. They are as plentiful as wildflowers in the fields and many remain completely undiscovered. The herbs and ganja’s and cannabis strains can be tested for what elements they contain such as CBD’s and Cannabinoinds and THC etc. But this is just a look at hard elements in the plant. This doesn’t lend to the creative effects each differing variety can have toward the imprinting of the subconscious mind toward creating better thinking and programming for a richer fuller more prosperous life.

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